breakthrough Energy Formula: 20 Years In the Making
David Avocado Wolfe's Favorite SuperHerbs In A Delicious All Natural Energy Formula!
Do you constantly feel tired? Do you wake up with no energy to start your day?
You are not alone and we have a product that will help. Longevity Drops!

We’ve taken natural energy to a whole new level by packing Longevity Drops full of everything you need to wake up refreshed and keep going all day long. Powerful ingredients like Chaga, Rehmannia, Cordyceps, Morinda, He Shou Wu, Cistanche, Ormus Gold, and Himalayan Sea Salt will boost your energy, health, and help you feel years younger.
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Longevity Drops Ingredients
Please Note: This formula has low organic grape alcohol content compared to other herbal extracts and tinctures.
Cistanche is an herb that contains phenylethanoid glycosides which are known to improve kidney performance, stimulate the reproductive organs, and nourish the blood. 

Benefits are Cistanche:
- Sexual power & vitality
- Nourishes the kidneys
- Neurological support
- Skeletal support
- Endocrine support
Chaga is a hardy mushroom that grows on birch trees in colder climates. It is a hard, woody mushroom that has been called: "Gift from God" (Siberians), "Mushroom of Immortality" (Siberians), "Diamond of the Forest" (Japanese), and the "King of Mushrooms" (Chinese). 

It has certainly earned these names considering chaga is known to:
- Promote longevity and overall health
- Nourish white blood cells
- Support digestive health
Cordyceps (Cordyceps sinensis & Sphaeria sinensis) is a fungi that is found high in the mountains of Tibet.

It is used to: 
- Improve athletic performance
- Support the lungs and kidneys
- Promote white blood cell health
- Provide adaptogenic support
He Shou Wu
He Shou Wu is believed to nourish jing — the primordial  energy of the body and soul. Boosted energy tonifies and energizes the skeletal, muscular, and nervous systems.

Benefits of He Shou Wu include:
- Providing a rich source of zinc and iron
- Promoting longevity and healthy aging
- Supporting healthy detoxification practices of the liver and kidneys
Rehmannia or Rehmannia glutinosa is a root that is prepared traditionally in Chinese Medicine for optimal health.

Traditionally, it is used to:
- Support the kidneys, adrenal glands, and pituitary gland
- Support healthy joints
- Promote healthy immunity and aging
- Provide an abundance of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals
Ormus Gold
Ormus Gold is an elemental mineral specifically created by Nature to adapt to your body's needs to keep you going all day long. 

Ormus Gold is known to:
- Increase awareness and spiritual connectedness
- Support neurotransmitter production
- Support healthy aging and longevity
- Promote healthy metabolism and cell rejuvenation
Morinda or Noni 
Morinda or Noni is a powerful fruit that has been used for centuries in medicine by many different groups of people. It is known all over the world as a powerful superfood. 

Traditionally, it is used to: 
- Support kidney strength and health
- Provide superfood levels of nutrition
- Promote strength of bones and support the skeletal system
Sea Salt
Last, but certainly not least, Himalayan Salt is added to the mixture. Salt is essential for all life on this planet and Himalayan Salt is believed to be one of the purest forms of salt available.

Himalayan Salt is shown to:
- Promote electrolyte stability
- Support nutrient absorption
- Support natural detoxification
- Promote bone and circulatory health
Elixir Love
Now all that is left is to add your Food for Immortals Longevity Drops to your favourite drink, beverage, elixir or NutriBlast and enjoy!
ONLY $29.97!! **Limited Time**
Do You Wake Up With Vibrant Energy?

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Do you want an Energy Boost at any time?
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Because of my training in Tonic Herbalism and Chinese Medicine, I wanted to introduce you to Food For The Immortals Longevity Drops.

Are you tired of herbal products that promise stress relief and don’t deliver? Are you looking for a tasty treat that meets your energy needs? Have you read about the wonderful power of Tonic Chinese Herbs, but never had the time to really figure it out? Well, these drops answers all of your questions.
All these powerful tonic herbs in this declicious formula, make these drops exactly what you need to have the best day ever every day!  Consuming these drops during a mid-afternoon lull not only revives your energy, but tastes delicious as well.  
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